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Hospedería Fonseca

c/ Fonseca, 2. 37008 Salamanca (Spain)

Nowadays, the Hospederia Colegio Fonseca is a renovated versatile building that hosts several management units of the Universidad de Salamanca, such as the Iberoamerican Institute or the General Foundation, among others. It has several institutional rooms for workshops, conferences, meetings, etc. It also has a cafeteria to support the organization of these events. Moreover, it has open access for disabled.

The Colegio Arzobispo Fonseca was the first one to construct a building for hospice independent but attached to the Colegio. It was intended to accommodate guests who had finished their studies, and were waiting for an advantageous destination in the Central Government or the Church. In 1822 it was hospice and home relief. In 1827 the Hospedería and the Colegio were rented to the Irish nobles until 1936. That’s why it is also known as School of Irishes. In 1903 the Hospedería hosted the Medicine Faculty until 1988.