The panel posters will be assembled during the Wednesday morning. They will be numbered so look at your poster number, please. The poster will be held during all the workshop.

Click here to download poster organization scheme

01 Alexis Casner (CELIA): Long Duration Planar Direct-Drive Hydrodynamics Experiments on the NIF
02 Vladimir Tikhonkchuk (CELIA): Experimental investigation of the collective Raman scattering of multiple laser beams in inhomogeneous plasmas
03 Seungho Lee (ILE-Osaka Univ.): A mesaurement of fast heated plasma by using X-ray spectroscopy on magnetic field assist integrated fast ignition experiment
04 Roberto Morales (Univ. Castilla La-Mancha): Charge state and energy loss of argon ions in plasmas created from laser pulses
05 Alessandro Curcio (INFN-LNF): Non collisional hot electron transport in femtosecond regime: analytic calculations of magnetic fields
06 Fabrizio Bisesto (INFN-LNF): Femtosecond dynamics of energetic electrons in high intensity laser-matter interactions
07 Álvaro Antolín (USAL/CLPU): Initial research of Electromagnetic Pulse generated by VEGA system
08 Sophia Malko (CLPU): Numerical studies of ionization dynamics of the warm dense aluminium
09 Jon I. Apiñaniz (CLPU): Picosecond laser-driven EM discharges and application to proton-tailoring
10 Ghassan Zeraouli (CLPU): Adjustable Kirkpatrick-Baez microscope for X-ray diagnostics
11 Cruz Méndez (CLPU): VEGA laser operation
12 Marine Huault (CLPU): Tailoring of proton beams divergence by external quasi-static magnetic fields
13 Carlos Salgado (CLPU): Laser driven electrons & X-ray Betatron radiation generation at VEGA
14 Mohammed Shahzad (Univ. Strathclyde): Wide angle electron beams fromlaser-wakefield accelerators
15 Ricardo Florido (Univ. Palmas de Gran Canaria): Spectroscopic signature of target samples from strong chock experiments for high-energy-density plasma applications
16 Lewis Reid (Univ. Strathclyde): Development of electron & ion beam production at the SCAPA facility
17 Arnaud Debayle (CEA,DAM,DIF/LRC MESO): Electron heating by intense short-pulse lasers propagating through near-critical plasmas