POSTERS [Panel size: 100 cm * 200 cm. Mandatory upright position]
1Álvaro Antolín [USAL-CLPU, Spain]
Electromagnetic pulse characterization generated by the VEGA laser system
2Neil Alexander [General Atomics, USA]
Concept for High Repetition Rate Inserter for Solid Targets
3Ghassan Zeraouli [CLPU, Spain]
An adjustable Kirkpatrick-Baez microscope as a diagnostic for laser x-ray sources.
4Katsuhiro Ishii [GPI, Japan]
Laser-Driven shock generation and shock velocity measurement using frequency domain interferometer with chirped pulse laser
5Marine Huault [CLPU, Spain]Strong Magnetic Field Generation for Electron & Ion Beam Tailoring as a Prospective for the fast ignition scheme
6José Benlliure [USC,Spain]Z-scan confocal method for the characterization of a tight focused ultrashort laser and positioning of a solid target
7José Luis Henares [CENBG-CNRS-IN2P3, France]
Laser ion acceleration in dense gas jet targets
8Dan Levy [Weizman Inst. Sci., Israel]
Automatic tape drive for high-repetition laser-plasma ion acceleration
9Sam Atsbury [RAL, UK]
CLF advancements in cryogenic targetry for iona cceleration experiments
10Aurelia Ionescu [ELI-NP, Romania]
Target design for space radiation simulation at ELI-NP
11Camilo Ruiz [USAL, Spain] Development of the multishot experiment for proton acceleration
12Ryohei Hanayama [GPI, Japan]Counter illumination and hole boring of free-fallen CD bead targets by ultra-intense lasers
13José Antonio Pérez [CLPU, Spain]Laser driven electrons & X-ray Betatron radiation generation at VEGA
14Karl Zeil [HZDR, Germany]Laser-Ablation-Based Ion Source Characterization and Manipulation for Laser-Driven Ion Acceleration
15Mauricio Rico [CLPU, Spain]Laser material processing facility for targetry applications
16Mihail Cernaianu [ELI-NP, Romania]ELI-NP overview of targetry systems and advances
17Alessandro Maffini [Polimi, Italy]
Production & Characterization of ultra-low density foams for laser driven ion acceleration in near-critical regime
18Sophia Malko [CLPU, Spain]Study of ionization states dynamics of Warm Dense Aluminium
19Julia Braenzel [MBI, Germany]Liquid Nitrogen Jet - a Laser Plasma target system for high repetition rates
20Cruz Méndez [CLPU, Spain]VEGA laser operation
21Petru Ghenuche [ELI-NP]Structured targets for tailored laser-matter interaction
22Cristina Gheorgiu [ELI-NP]Target fabrication capabilities and upcoming strategies at ELI-NP
24Mª Isabel Sánchez AniorteExperimental study of proton acceleration from thin-foil targets on a table-top Ti:Sapphire laser