Most of you will arrive at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport but... how to get from there to Salamanca? Here you have the better options.

Nevertheless, if you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact with me: (Mrs. Yaiza Cortés)


Avanzabus rides a bus stright to Salamanca from terminal 1 and 4 of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. Even though the tickets may be bought at the terminal in the travel agency of El Corte Inglés or directly from the bus driver, we highly recommend you to buy your tickets in advance on line (, since otherwise you may find you will not have space on the bus upon arrival. Here you have (click on the day) the timetables expected for 21st of June (arrival day) and 23rd of June (departure day). The outbound trip costs 27,05 € and the round-trip 44,80 €. The trip lasts two hours and 45 minutes.

You can take the bus too in the Méndez Álvaro Station, also know as 'Estación del Sur (Souther Bus Station)'. The best option to go there from the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport is by underground. The airport is located in the underground stations 'Aeropuerto T4' or 'Aeropuerto T1, T2, T3' (subway line 8 -the pink one-); and metro station Méndez Álvaro is in underground line 6 (the grey one). You should take the metro from the airport straight to the end of the pink line and there (Nuevos Ministerios station) transfer to line 6. Here you have the subway map. You may buy the ticket at the ticket booth of the station (It is NOT possible to buy it on board), but as previously said, we recommend you to do it in advance on line ( There are two kinds of buses covering the route: the “Normal” service has middle stops, which makes the trip longer. The “Express” service is a direct bus (no stops). We recommend you to travel always on the “Express” service which usually leaves every hour on the hour. The trip lasts 2 hours and 30/45 minutes.

It is possible subway line 8 is closed for works. The subway company will hold buses.


Trains leave from Madrid Chamartín Station to Salamanca. You may buy the tickets at the ticket booth in the station (it is not possible to buy them on board) or in advance on line ( The underground for the station is “Chamartín” where you can arrive from the airport making a transfer in Nuevos Ministerios subway station (line 10, the dark blue one); or you can take a commuter train (from T4), line C1 and there are only two stations from the airport to the train station in Chamartín (If you have bought a train ticket in advance you can show it in the commuter train station and the trip to Chamartín will be free). Some high speed trains have been launched between Salamanca and Madrid, connecting both cities in 1h and 36 min. you will be able to identify those trains under the label “Alvia”. The other trains are normally addressed as “MD” (medium distance) and take around 2h and 40 min. Please check the timetables on Renfe's web page.


Another possibility is to hire a car; mayor hiring companies operate at the airport. From Madrid you have to take the A6/AP6, take the exit 81 to AP51 and then exit 111 to AP-501. You can get full instructions straight from the Airport to the CLPU, here.